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Commercial Mining Consulting and Advisory on Negociations

CM&C offer you the experience and professionalism of its multi-disciplinary consultancy team to help you take care of the commercial management of your contracts by the executive staff of your company. We can also offer our technical and commercial advice on how to improve your management systems.

Commercial Negociation for Mining

The negotiation is the process for obtaining purchase/selling conditions for a product at certain moment.The CM&C advisory team is a wide experience one in mining negotiations products. Due to this we have the possibility to offer you our advice in different stages of the negotiation for the products of your interest.

Mining Commercial Trading Auditing

As a management tool for executive officers, members of the board and shareholders, this auditing service will allow you to assess the way your commercial contracts are being executed so that you promptly know whether the selling contract is being valued and performed as it was expected or not. Expected profits may be thwarted due to mismanagement of your contracts.


CM&C have the commercial, technical and logistic capacity to support your needs to get chemical supplies, equipments, tools and machinery for your operations, either as your direct purchase arm or supporting you in the selection process of domestic or international suppliers.


CM&C has business structure, professional experience and market knowledge to help your company to get positioned into the mining and business industry in Peru, expand your clients list, define your business strategy and market share also to assist you in the negotiation and commercial contract settlement.

By getting a business agreement between your organization and CM&C we can support you with these services:

Commercial Representation:

By this agreement, CM&C assumes your company representation in Peru. Specifically your company delegates the availability to get agreements in your behalf in Peru and address the exclusivity to operate with your products, services and trade mark in Peru. Also the selling activity is considered as a commercial agent.

Comrercial Agent:

By this agreement CM&C offers to your company intermediation commercial services in Peru. Specifically support widely the following functions:

  • Selling of your products in Peru
  • Import process and logistic aspects for products
  • Preparation of technical teams – services
  • Object market definition
  • Long-list y short-list of clients
  • Contact with objective clients strategy
  • Execution of the commercial plan
  • Follow-up to customers/ preparation, presentation and follow up of commercial proposals/ preparation
  • Execution and follow up of industrial tests.
  • Preparation, negotiation and contract execution
  • Follow-up of purchase orders and delivery of products / services

To date we are commercial agents of important overseas companies that operate in Peru selling their products (through CM&C or with their subsidiaries):

  • Specialized chemical products for mining and industry
  • Equipments and Machinery for mining

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